Core Curriculum Requirements

The Integrative Core Curriculum requires students to complete three foundational competencies (written expression, oral expression, and quantitative analysis); a foreign language; distribution courses in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences; Integrated Courses, Jesuit Heritage courses, and three core requirements within each major. Credit requirements are provided below.

Students may not use a Core course to fulfill more than one Core requirement. However, students may use Core courses to fulfill requirements in majors or minors, depending on the expectations of the academic departments and programs.

Further details about each category can be found by clicking on the specific category below.

Foundational Competencies (9-12 credits)

Written Expression: 1 or 2 courses, 3-6 cr., depending on placement

Oral Expression: 1 course, 3 cr.

Quantitative Analysis: 1 course, 3 cr.

Language (0-9 credits, depending on placement)

Students must complete the 201 level or equivalent in the language they continue from high school; those who place above this level (201) are exempt from the requirement. Students must complete a two-course sequence (101-102) if they begin a new language at John Carroll.

Distribution Courses (9 credits)

Humanities Experience (HUM): 1 course, 3 cr.

Social Science Experience (SOC): 1 course, 3 cr.

Natural Science Experience (SCI): 1 course, 3 cr.

Integrated Courses (9 credits)

Engaging the Global Community (EGC): 1 course, 3 cr.

Linked Courses (LINK): 2 co-requisite courses, 6 cr.

Note: Foundational writing (EN 125 or EN 120/ EN 121) is a prerequisite for all integrated courses.

Jesuit Heritage (16 credits)

Philosophy (PLVS & PLKR): 2 courses, 6 cr.

Theology & Religious Studies: 2 courses, 6 cr.

Issues in Social Justice (ISJ): 1 course, 3 cr.

Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA): 1 course, 1 or more cr.

Core Requirements in the Major

Additional writing course (AW)

Additional presentation component (OP)

Capstone experience (C)