Ohio CPA Certificate

Certified public accountants should have a broad background of both liberal and professional education. The experience of Boler College alumni indicates that the major in accountancy provides excellent preparation for the Ohio CPA examination.

The certificate is granted by the State Board of Accountancy in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code. The current educational requirement for the CPA certificate is graduation with a baccalaureate or higher degree that includes successful completion of 150 credit hours of college-level credit or the satisfaction of alternate prequalification options. In addition to 30 hours of accountancy, candidates must complete course work in such areas as ethics, business communications, economics, finance, marketing, quantitative applications, and business law. Students should discuss the available options with a member of the Department of Accountancy.

In addition to this educational requirement, candidates for the CPA certificate must 1) pass a written examination in accounting, auditing, and other related subjects; and 2) have public accounting experiences satisfactory to the board.

Students who wish to prepare for CPA certificates awarded by states other than Ohio should discuss academic programs with faculty in the accountancy department.