The requirements of medical schools are summarized on the Medical School Admission requirements (MSAR) website, revised annually by the association of American Medical Colleges. A bachelor’s degree is almost invariable required. Additional information can be found at the Association of American Medical Colleges website ( Applicants for medical school must take the Medical College Admission Test. Since this test is usually given in late spring of the junior year, premedical students should have completed or be completing the basic requirements for medical school by that time. Those requirements are generally one year each of general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and biology, with labs, and one year of college-level math. They are usually fulfilled at John Carroll by taking CH 141-144 and 221-224; PH 125, 125L, 126, and 126L; BL 155-158; and MT 135 and MT 228. In order to be prepared for the MCAT, students should also complete one semester each of biochemistry, sociology, and psychology. The corresponding courses are CH 431, SC 101, and PS 101, respectively. Genetics (BL 213) is also encouraged.