The Council on Dental Education of the American Dental Association lists the minimum educational requirements for admission to a dental school as follows: 1) Students must successfully complete two full years of study in an accredited liberal arts college. 2) In most states, the basic requirements of predental education are the same as those of premedical education noted above. Those requirements are typically one year each of general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, biology, and math. They are usually fulfilled at John Carroll by taking CH 141-144 and 221-224; PH 125, 125L, 126, 126L; BL 155-158; and MT 135-136 (MT 228 may be substituted for MT 136). 3) Students must complete a minimum of 64 credit hours from liberal or general education courses, such as English, communications, behavioral sciences, philosophy, and theology and religious studies, which give breadth to their educational background. Applicants must take the Dental Aptitude Test. This test is usually administered in late spring of the junior year, by which time the basic predental requirements should be completed. Admission to schools of dentistry with only two of three years of undergraduate education is the rare exception rather than the rule.

John Carroll University has an affiliation agreement with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine’s School of Dental Medicine in Bradenton, Florida, whereby five seats are reserved for qualified John Carroll Students. More information is available through John Carroll’s website ( or from the director of the Pre-Health Professions Program.