Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Professors: C. A. Watts (Chair); Associate Professor: S Brockhaus, B. Z. Hull; Visiting Instructor: A. Marculetiu

The Department of Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain is dedicated to educating and serving its students, the University, and the community. The primary goals of the supply chain management faculty are to achieve national recognition, and to provide students, the University, and the business community with comprehensive, up-to-date information about supply chain management theory and practice. Methods of achieving these goals include, but are not limited to, excellent teaching, quality research (both academic and practitioner), student internships, and faculty involvement in supply chain-related organizations.

Value creation is at the heart of Supply Chain Management (SCM). SCM is key to conceptualizing, designing, and manufacturing the products we cherish and delivering them to homes on time and in one piece. SCM is the oversight of materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. SCM also involves the reverse flow of materials, information, and finances. Effective supply chain management improves business performance and provides value to customers. Supply chain management includes transportation, warehousing, channel management, purchasing, inventory control, order processing, and customer satisfaction.

The field is extensive, and many businesses are potential employers. There is a shortage of college graduates to fill available entry-level positions, and these opportunities are expected to grow (over 1.5 million openings in the next several years) because of the increasing emphasis on the effective and efficient movement of goods and information. Our SCM program incorporates the best-in-class methods, concepts, and tools that companies need to gain a competitive advantage. Many students have internship opportunities in SCM, and these opportunities provide the student with valuable practical experience in supply chain management.

Program requirements for the Supply Chain Management major can be found here.