International Business with Language and Culture (IB)

Professors: W. O. Simmons (Director, Associate Dean), G. L. Compton-Engle, G. Weinstein; Associate Professors: S. K. Kahai, L. G. Ferri, F. Zhan, Y. Wu; Assistant Professors: S. Brockhaus, S. Lim, M. Sheldon; Visiting Assistant Professor: F. Donou-Adonsou

International business focuses on the challenge of solving business problems within international contexts. The International Business with Language and Culture (IBLC) major prepares students to meet this challenge. Through a combination of demanding courses and international and domestic experiential activities, the major attracts students seeking to develop the ability to lead and to serve in the global business environment.

Becoming men and women for others through global engagement is fundamental to the mission of John Carroll. Including language and culture studies with the study of international business is an excellent way to develop that sense of engagement.

In business, language fluency and cultural expertise are no longer simply attractive competencies. They are critical for leadership in organizations. In an increasingly competitive world economy, a proficiency in a second language and culture is crucial to excel in the commerce, politics, and society of today’s global marketplace.

Through a combination of curricular and experiential activities, the IBLC major prepares students for a wide variety of exciting career opportunities. To pursue careers in international business, students may focus their course work and internship experiences on one of at least three general areas: international marketing (analysis, development, and promotion), international logistics and supply chain management, and international financial management.

Combining language and culture with business in both course work and experiential activities produces students who are well prepared for the unique challenges and problems encountered in international business. In addition to the language, culture, and international business knowledge gained, employers recognize and value the added skill sets acquired and demonstrated through this major, such as adaptability, flexibility, tenacity, and problem-solving. Graduates of this major successfully pursue careers across a wide variety of industries and locations.

Program Requirements for the IBLC major are available here.