Financial Planning and Wealth Management (PFP)

Professors: W.B. Elliott (Chair); Assistant Professors: J. Kang, S.B. Moore (Associate Dean), X. Zhang

Today’s world requires that individuals efficiently manage their assets. Courses in this field focus on consumers. What are their financial problems and challenges? What are the possible solutions? How can consumers plan, manage, and make decisions to achieve their goals and resolve personal challenges and problems.

Many people find financial situations and decisions overwhelming. Consequently, they avoid or ignore this area to their detriment. Students will learn to understand the financial planning process and how to develop a wholistic financial plan for their clients. This involves developing budgeting plans, making investment decisions, assessing insurance needs, tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning. The Boler College’s Financial Planning and Wealth Management major is one of only three undergraduate programs in Northeast Ohio that is Registered by the CFP Board. This means that after having successfully completed all the coursework required of the major, students will have met all of the educational requirements set forth by the CFP Board as a condition for taking the CFP exam (for additional details, click here).

Personal financial services is a rapidly expanding, rewarding profession. It is a satisfying profession. Financial services professionals help people bring order to their lives and achieve both short and long term financial goals. The profession has significant earning potential.

Program requirements for the Financial Planning and Wealth Management major are available here.