Boler Professional Development Program

The four-year Boler Professional Development Program (BPD) is a unique and comprehensive program designed to prepare Boler students to enter a career in business. Exclusively for Boler students, it begins in the first year. Over the course of the curriculum, students engage in a series of career events, workshops, and networking and career related experiences to develop, practice, and polish their professional skills. The BPD Program includes 5 required courses which are required for graduation from the Boler College. Several majors also require BPD 490: Professional Experience Internship. The course list and descriptions are below:

BPD 100: Your Professional Development Journey
An introduction to professional etiquette, resume and LinkedIn construction in the first year of college.

BPD 200: Networking and an Introduction to Interviewing
Prerequisite: BPD 100. Learning the tools and skills essential for professional success; improving skills with communication etiquette, networking and engaging in professional services.

BPD 300: Advanced Interview Skills, Experience and Getting Hired
Prerequisite: BPD 200. Continue to put professional skills into practice; build upon professional experience; engage in etiquette coaching and practice; continue to build professional networks and develop a career success strategy to bridge from junior to senior year.

BPD 401: The Professional World (fall senior year)
Prerequisites: BPD 300. Revisit cover letters and resumes; learn the components of a job offer and the basics of negotiation; effective strategies for the senior job search in absence of a job offer.

BPD 402: Living Inspired
Pre- or Co-requisite: BPD 401. Networking and LinkedIn after college; key advice for transitioning from college student to professional, particularly the first 90 days.

BPD 490: Professional Experience Internship (Prerequisite: permission of instructor)
Professional Experience: Internship Prerequisite: Instructor Permission and BPD 200. An internship allows a student to engage in a meaningful professional experience related to his/her field of study. A minimum of 135 hours in a managed environment, in an office or location where the student directly reports to a supervisor, and is able to learn about business via interaction and delegated responsibility is required. Prior to starting work, the student should seek pre-approval from the instructor by completing the online internship application. Other restrictions apply.

BPD 492: Professional Experience: Cooperative Education (Prerequisite: permission of instructor)
Prerequisites: Instructor permission, BPD 200, and 3.30 or higher GPA. The Co-Op option allows juniors and seniors to engage in full-time work in a professional setting. The Co-Op experience has the potential to delay the student’s planned graduation term, so it is critical students begin planning for such experiences early in the academic career. Prior to starting work, the student should seek pre-approval from the instructor by completing the online internship approval application.  Other restrictions apply.