Catholic Studies Minor

Under the auspices of the Institute of Catholic Studies, this minor aims at promoting serious reflection on the richness and vitality of the Catholic intellectual tradition through the ages. This minor is interdisciplinary in nature, highlighting within the history of ideas the contribution of Catholic intellectuals and scholars across various disciplines. The Catholic Studies minor enables students to assess human intellectual activity and experience in the light of the Catholic faith, and to examine the Roman Catholic Church’s dynamic interaction with and interpenetration of cultures, traditions, and intellectual life.

The minor consists of 18 credit hours from approved Catholic Studies courses distributed among the following disciplines:

  1. One course in Theology and Religious Studies (3 credits)
  2. One course in Philosophy (3 credits)
  3. One course in the Humanities (3 credits)
  4. Two electives from approved Catholic Studies courses (6 credits total)
  5. The final course in the minor is a required capstone seminar, HS 414 The Catholic Experience, an interdisciplinary course that addresses major issues in contemporary Catholic life and thought as a way of integrating within the minor the material and perspectives studied in other courses.

In fulfilling these requirements, a student must take a minimum of three courses at the 300-400 level. Courses offered as part of the Catholic Studies minor may satisfy Core Curriculum requirements or major/minor requirements within a specific discipline. Students in the minor are encouraged to study abroad in programs that offer their own courses in Catholic thought and experience, including the John Carroll program in Rome. Scholarships and summer internships are also available. Coordinator: Dr. Paul V. Murphy, Director, Institute of Catholic Studies.