Humanities Minor

The Humanities minor can complement or augment any major field of study and is especially useful for those interested in the sciences, business, and professional studies. Selection of courses should be made in consultation with the chair or a designated advisor in the Department of Art History and Humanities.

18 credit hours, at least 12 of which must be at the 300 or 400 level. The minor requirements are divided as follows:

6 credit hours in Art History.

6 credit hours in History, Theology and Religious Studies, and/or Philosophy.

6 credit hours in Literature (in original language, if possible).

These courses must be related to an area focus such as medieval and Renaissance studies, 19th -century studies, 20th -century studies, American studies, French studies, Asian studies, classical studies, or some other theme designed by the student. The area of focus should be defined by working with a faculty advisor from the Department of Art History and Humanities. Students may count Art History courses from the EGC and/or linked section of the Integrative Core as elective courses within the minor.

Total Credit Hours: 18