German Studies Minor

Program Learning Goals in German Studies

Students will:

  1. Communicate skillfully and effectively in German:
    1. engage in effective interpersonal communication.
    2. engage in effective interpretive listening.
    3. engage in effective interpretive reading.
    4. engage in effective presentational speaking.
    5. engage in effective presentational writing.
  2. Demonstrate foundational cultural and linguistic knowledge of German-speaking culture:
    1. demonstrate knowledge of features of the culture of German-speaking culture, such as its art, literature, music, film, popular culture, tradition, and customs.
    2. demonstrate knowledge of how aspects of the history, politics, religion, or geography of German-speaking areas relate to its culture.
    3. Analyze cultural texts.
  3. Demonstrate emerging intercultural competence:
    1. demonstrate an awareness of the interplay of personal identity and culture.
    2. interpret an event, cultural product, or issue from the perspective of a worldview outside their own.

Minor Requirements

18 credit hours, beginning at any level. One approved course in a cognate area (e.g., history, political science, philosophy) or up to 3 credit hours of experiential learning may be applied to the minor.

Total Credit Hours: 18