Asian Studies Minor

24 credits

Students in any major may pursue the Asian Studies minor in order to deepen their understanding of this important world region. Students in the minor choose either the Asian Studies Language Minor, which emphasizes Chinese or Japanese language, or the Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Minor, which provides a broader interdisciplinary approach to the study of Asia, including one year of Chinese or Japanese language.

The minor consists of 24 credits (typically eight 3-credit courses), distributed as follows:

  1. Asian Studies Language Minor
    1. Six courses in Chinese or Japanese language.
    2. At least two additional AS-approved courses in different disciplines, totalling at least six credits.
  2. Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Minor
    1. Two courses in Chinese or Japanese language, normally the introductory course sequence.
    2. One course that examines an aspect of Asia as a region, normally but not always at the 100-200 level.
    3. At least five additional AS-approved courses in at least three different departments, totalling 15 credits.