Peace, Justice, and Human Rights (PJHR)

Program Director: P. J. Metres, III (English); Advisory Committee: M. P. Berg (History), R. D. Clark (Sociology & Criminology), M. Finucane (Communication), K. Frey (Sociology & Criminology), E. Johnson (Biology), P. J. Lauritzen (Honors), J. M. McAndrew (History), M. J. Peden (Political Science), Debra Rosenthal (English), W. O. Simmons (Economics), D. Taylor (Philosophy), K. Tobey (Theology & Religious Studies), J. Ziemke (Political Science)

The fundamental goal of the Peace, Justice, and Human Rights program is to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and creativity to seek justice and promote peace. It combines research and study with experiential and service learning to help students gain both a theoretical and empirical understanding of the challenges and possibilities of peacebuilding, conflict transformation, and social justice. PJHR is an interdisciplinary program and benefits from the diverse interests and rich experience of faculty members from several disciplines and departments. Consistent with Catholic social teaching that sees peace as inseparable from justice and the extension of human rights as a fundamental ethical obligation, PJHR also emphasizes the importance of political pluralism, cultural and religious diversity, ecological balance, and nonviolent conflict resolution and transformation.

The program prepares students to pursue careers in a wide number of fields, including law, mediation, advocacy, government service, non-profit work, ministry, and social work. Degree requirements for the major are available here, and minor requirements are available here