Italian Studies (IT)

Professor: S. Casciani; Associate Professor: L. Ferri

Courses in Italian Studies are offered by the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures. A combination sequence of courses in Italian Studies leads from competence in basic Italian language skills to a thorough understanding of the language, as well as an interdisciplinary approach to Italian culture and literature.

The Italian language is spoken throughout the world. Italy is an industrially and economically advanced nation that exports to the U.S. as well as other countries. Italians and the Italian language have made a distinctive contribution to art, architecture, cuisine, music, science, literature, film, and theatre. The study of Italian enhances students’ enjoyment and appreciation of these areas.

Studying Italian at JCU is beneficial for students of all majors, thanks to the presence of about 60 Italian companies in the U.S. and Ohio.

Knowledge of Italian language and culture opens opportunities for students across the globe. All students are strongly encouraged to study in Italy through one of the many short- or long-term JCU-sponsored programs such as JCU in Rome (a semester-long program in fall), the Summer Institute in Italy, or the spring break field trip in Italy (offered as part of an on-campus course).

All IT courses are taught in Italian, unless otherwise noted.

Students who are interested in a self-designed major or minor in Italian Studies should consult with the coordinator of the Italian Studies program and/or the department chair. Permission of the associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences is also required.