Arrupe Scholars Program

The Arrupe Scholars Program is a mission-based scholarship and learning opportunity tailored to creating leaders for social action. Rooted in the wisdom of our 450-year-old Jesuit heritage, this program aims to produce graduates who are both trained in the academic study of inequality and committed to using their knowledge and abilities for the promotion of justice. In this way, it represents the University’s fundamental commitment to graduating men and women “with and for others.” For additional program information, please see the Academic Requirements section.

Director: Sydnia De Franco, M.A.

Honors Program

The Honors Program at John Carroll University cultivates a community whose members embrace gaudium de veritate – joy from truth – and lead lives devoted to learning. Honors Program graduates lead and serve in the world by sharing their intellectual gifts and love for learning with others. The program sets four goals for its curriculum, with graduates characterized by excellence in:

  1. Critical and integrative thinking.
  2. Active engagement within and beyond the classroom.
  3. Reflection and discernment in the Ignatian tradition.
  4. Effective and eloquent communication.

The first and second Honors Program curriculum goals particularly support the University learning goals related to developing students’ “integrative knowledge of human and natural worlds,” “habits of critical analysis and aesthetic appreciation,” and ability to “apply creative and innovative thinking.” The third curriculum goal supports the University learning goals related to developing students’ ability to “cultivate a habit of reflection” and “practice mature decision making and care for the whole person.” The fourth curriculum goal supports the University learning goal to “communicate skillfully in multiple forms of expression.” For additional program information please see the section on Honors program curriculum and program requirements

Director: Dr. Angie Canda

The Social Innovation Fellows (SIF) Program

The Social Innovation Fellows (SIF) Program is a scholarship and growth opportunity for incoming John Carroll University freshman dedicated to creating social innovators and entrepreneurs inspired by Ignatian values. This fellowship produces graduates who can identify opportunities for innovation in the marketplace and can design and execute solutions for sustainable social change. For full program information please see the section on Social Innovation Fellows program requirements.

The Bishop Anthony M. Pilla Program in Italian-American Studies

Established in 1997, with the support of the Northern Ohio Italian-Americans (NOIA) and the Boler Challenge Grant, the program is named for the Most Reverend Anthony M. Pilla, ninth Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Cleveland (M.A., JCU ’67; D.H.I., Hon. JCU ’81). Through its course offerings in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures, the program promotes the study of Italian and Italian American literature, history, and culture. It emphasizes an understanding of the meaning of the Italian historical past, family, ties to one’s heritage, hard work, success in the face of obstacles, and the role of the spiritual in one’s life. This interdisciplinary undergraduate liberal arts program offers a self-designed major and minor in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures and comprises a rich interdisciplinary curriculum in language, culture, literature, film, history, art history, religious studies, and philosophy. A combination sequence of courses in Italian Studies leads from competence in basic Italian language skills to a thorough understanding of the language, as well as an interdisciplinary approach to Italian culture and literature. The program sponsors the Bishop Pilla Spring Break in Italy, the John Carroll University in Rome Study Abroad Program, and the Bishop Pilla Summer Institute in Italy.

Directors: Dr. Santa Casciani and Dr. Luigi Ferri, Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures.

Program in Applied Ethics

The Program in Applied Ethics supports program development and related activities in the area of applied ethics. Among its goals are increasing awareness of, reflection on, and campus-wide conversations about contemporary ethical and social issues. To this end, the program encourages an interdisciplinary approach to ethics that seeks to include all interested faculty, students, and other members of the University community.

Director: Dr. Pamela Mason, College of Arts and Sciences.