A pre-pharmacy advisor is available to assist students interested in applying to pharmacy graduate programs. For further information, please see Dr. David Mascotti, Department of Chemistry ( He can help guide curriculum choices, graduate program selections, and career opportunities in pharmacy.

John Carroll University has an affiliation agreement with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine’s School of Pharmacy in Erie, Pennsylvania, and in Bradenton, Florida, whereby five seats are reserved for qualified John Carroll students. More information is available through John Carroll’s website ( or from the director of the Pre-Health Professions Program.

Most pre-pharmacy students will follow a course of study that begins with fundamentals of chemistry and biology. Most graduate programs also require students to take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT). Admission requirements differ for various graduate programs; therefore, specific advanced courses will be determined based on the graduate program to which the student intends to apply. These programs are very competitive and rigorous in nature, and thus require a high academic standing and PCAT score for consideration.