Management and Human Resources (MHR)

Professors: R. A. Giacalone, C. A. Watts (Chair); Associate Professors: S. J. Allen, R. T. Grenci, M. P. Lynn, R. F. Miguel, B. M. Saxton; Assistant Professors: S. L. Astrove, A. M. Dachner, D. Winkel; Visiting Assistant Professor: C. J. Palmeri

Talent management is a primary concern of today’s employers. Through project-based learning and experiential exercises, students majoring in Management and Human Resources (MHR) gain an intensive understanding of the concepts and techniques needed to effectively manage employee talent, such as how to strategically acquire, cultivate, and utilize an organization’s human resources. MHR students obtain knowledge related to the recruitment, selection, training and development, and retention of organizational human capital, along with employee performance management, workforce planning, compensation administration, the facilitation of organizational change, and the application of employment law. Moreover, the MHR major prepares students for managerial and leadership positions by developing student skills related to relationship management, leadership, career management, creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and verbal and written communication. The major is best suited for those who have a strong interest in the human element of organizations and how it can contribute to organizational success.

The competencies developed and reinforced throughout the MHR curriculum enhance career readiness among students. Students will graduate with the management and leadership abilities necessary for achieving excellence in their chosen profession regardless of the industry. This major prepares graduates for positions in any business, government, or non-profit enterprise. Past students have pursued successful careers as human resource specialists or generalists, talent management coordinators, bank managers, recruiters, salespeople, management trainees, benefits administrators, healthcare administrators, and compensation analysts, among others. MHR-related careers involve a shared emphasis on leading employees and coworkers toward common goals, worker empowerment and productivity, and organizational excellence.

Degree requirements for the Management & Human Resources major are available here.