John M. and Mary Jo Boler College of Business

To be eligible for a degree, candidates must satisfy the following general requirements:

  1. The completion of a minimum of 120 credit hours of acceptable college work.
  2. The completion in residence of 18 hours of business core courses at the 200 level and above.
  3. Except in Boler-approved study abroad programs, no major courses may be taken outside of John Carroll University.
  4. The fulfillment of all course work in the degree program.
  5. The attainment of an average grade of C (2.0) or higher in the courses completed in the major, courses completed in the Boler College of Business, and in all courses completed at the University (including all minors and concentrations), each group considered separately.
  6. If required, the passing of a comprehensive examination in the major field.
  7. If required, the completion of an approved internship that consists of a minimum of 135 hours.
  8. The completion of all degree requirements within ten years of the date on which college work was begun.
  9. The filing of an application for the degree by the assigned day, for degrees to be awarded in May, in August, or in January.
  10. The fulfillment of all financial obligations to John Carroll University.
  11. The completion of the following business core courses (100 & 200 level before 300 level):
    1. Business Analysis using Microsoft Excel—BI 100
    2. Accounting Principles—AC 201-202
    3. Principles of Economics—EC 201-202
    4. Business Analytics and Statistics—EC 210
    5. Business Communications—EN 251
    6. Data-Driven Decision Making—BI 200
    7. Human Resource Management—MHR 352
    8. Supply Chain and Operations Management—SCM 301
    9. Business Finance—FN 312
    10. Marketing Principles—MK 301
    11. The legal environment/business law requirement differs by major. Please refer to a particular major in this Bulletin for the exact requirement.
    12. Strategic Management or capstone class in Economics: MHR 499 is required for all students seeking the B.S.B.A. and is to be taken in the senior year. Economics majors seeking the B.S.E. take EC 499A and EC 499B instead of MHR 499.
  12. Applied Calculus—MT 130.
  13. Completion of the Boler Professional Development Program.
  14. The completion of the University’s Integrative Core Curriculum (see Liberal Education at John Carroll University). In completing the Integrative Core Curriculum, Boler College of Business students must take PL 311 (Business Ethics) as one of the choices in the category of Jesuit Heritage.