Engineering Physics (EP)

Professors: J. S. Dyck (Chair), N. K. Piracha; Assistant Professor: D.C. Kara; Visiting Assistant Professor: D. Shetty

The Engineering Physics major is part of the Department of Physics at John Carroll University. The Department of Physics plays a central role in the University’s mission of educating students to live in an increasingly technological, highly complex society. The department provides a range of physics and engineering physics programs for its majors, support courses for other science majors, and courses for non-science majors that fulfill requirements of the University Core Curriculum. The department has modern, well-equipped undergraduate laboratories, and many of the courses have a laboratory component that emphasizes the central role of experiments in science.

Research plays an essential role in the education of students majoring in physics. Students have the opportunity of working under the guidance of a faculty member on campus, and the department encourages all students to spend at least one summer participating in a research program at a major research university or national laboratory.

The Engineering Physics major requires an in-depth study of the core areas of physics and a selection of engineering physics courses. Typically, this program leads to employment in the fields of engineering development or applied physics, or to graduate study in related fields.

The Physics Department participates in the College of Arts and Sciences Professional Development Program.

Grade Policies

Major Declaration: Students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.5 in PH 135, PH 136, and PH 246, and MT 135, MT 136, and MT 233 for unconditional acceptance into any of the majors of the physics department.

For Majors: A grade of C- or higher must be earned in courses required for each major.

A grade lower than C- requires that the course be repeated. In the case of an elective course for a major in which a grade below C- was earned, the student may petition to take an alternative course.