Students who have not enrolled for two calendar years must submit an application for readmission to the appropriate dean. Transcripts of all work undertaken since the date of last attendance must be on file before a decision will be made.

The readmission application must meet the current norms of the department and include a plan of study (including a timetable) to meet the current program requirements. If any courses, examinations, or requirements from the original matriculation are used to meet these requirements, then the time limit to complete the degree from the original matriculation will apply. If a student is unable to fulfill all the requirements for graduation within that original time limit, a request for an extension must be included with the application for readmission. Additional conditions for readmission may be imposed by the appropriate dean in consultation with the department chairperson/program director. Evaluation of coursework that is three or more years old will be made by the department chairperson/program director to determine whether or not it may be used to fulfill degree requirements. Courses over six years old generally will not be accepted toward fulfillment of degree requirements