Graduate Assistant Appointments

The University offers graduate appointments annually as graduate assistants. Each appointment includes a scholarship that remits tuition and fees (except the graduation fee and the teacher portfolio fee) and a stipend. Full-time graduate students are eligible to apply for graduate assistantships in the academic department in which their program resides or in the non-academic department for which they are qualified. Once an assistantship has been awarded and accepted by the student, he/she must be pursuing a graduate degree, maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0, be making satisfactory academic progress, and hold no outside employment during the academic year unless they have received written permission from the appropriate dean. Full-time graduate assistants are required to devote 20 hours per week (or teach 12 semester hours); part-time graduate assistants are required to devote 10 hours per week. The term of employment begins on the Thursday before the start of classes for the fall semester and on the Friday before the start of classes for the spring semester, carrying out the duties to which they have been assigned until the last day of the semester. Graduate assistants are not required to work during the Christmas break and spring break, unless specifically stated in the position description that accompanies their contract. In addition, graduate assistants must be registered for a minimum of 9 graduate credit hours each semester or a total of 15 over the course of the academic year. At the start of an assistantship, a student should ascertain from the supervisor the expectations for hours, days to be worked, and the nature of the duties. Students who miss assistantship time without making advance arrangements to cover the responsibilities risk the loss of their assistantship. Tuition waivers cannot be used for any term before the first contract begins. This means, for example, that an assistant whose first contract begins in September of a given year cannot expect to use a tuition waiver for a course given the preceding summer. Tuition will not be provided when a student withdraws from and/or must repeat coursework when tuition has already been provided. Examples of this include, but are not limited to, course withdrawals, failure in a course, or unacceptable performance in a course or other factors. Any credit hours that need to be completed resulting from the withdrawal from or failure in a course will not be covered by the assistantship.

Summer Coursework: The graduate assistant is not under contract during the summer months and is not entitled to the tuition waiver. Should an exception be necessary, the following conditions apply:

  • Summer courses for which tuition is waived must be required for the master’s program and taken in the summer between the first year and the second year of an assistantship.
  • The assistant’s contract for the second year must be signed.
  • Courses may be taken to lighten an assistant’s course schedule but not to shorten the term of service as an assistant. The term of service as an assistant is normally two years.
  • The department chair must recommend to the appropriate dean, in writing, specific courses for which tuition is to be waived, providing the reasons why the tuition waiver should be granted.

All appointments are renewable upon satisfactory performance. Address inquiries to the appropriate associate dean, John Carroll University, University Heights, Ohio 44118, or visit the website for more up-to-date information at A complete explanation of the policies and procedures that govern graduate/athletic assistantships can be found on the Graduate Studies website.