Graduate Education at John Carroll University

All graduate programs at John Carroll University are committed to living the University Learning Goals in a manner appropriate for graduate education. Intellectual goals reflect the disciplinary focus and greater depth of post-baccalaureate education. Character is developed and shaped through emphases on globalism and diversity and expressed through service. Leadership, conceived broadly, encompasses ethical decision making and collaborative skills.

Graduates of John Carroll University graduate programs will:

  • Demonstrate an integrative knowledge of the discipline that extends beyond that attained at the undergraduate level.
  • Develop habits of critical analysis that can be applied to essential questions, issues, and problems within the field.
  • Apply creative and innovative thinking to critical issues in the field.
  • Communicate skillfully in multiple forms of expression.
  • Understand and promote social justice.
  • Apply a framework for examining ethical dilemmas of a particular field of study.
  • Employ leadership and collaborative skills.