Assessment of Student Learning

A coordinated program of assessing student learning is integral to understanding and improving the student experience. Assessment of student learning is a University-wide effort, with the full support of the administration. The assessment program requires the systematic collection of evidence to both document and improve student learning. Ultimately, the information collected as part of the assessment program serves as a basis for curricular reform, program development, and strategic planning.

Effective assessment of student learning relies on collaboration between students, faculty, and administrative staff. Assessment of student learning occurs in every academic program, and student life. Student participation in the assessment program—through surveys, tests, course assignments, and interviews, among other things—provides the essential information upon which the University evaluates and ensures its commitment to student learning.

The Institutional Assessment Committee is the primary oversight and recommending body for the assessment of student learning in all units, providing guidance to the director of assessment in the development, implementation, and review of assessment programs. The committee is comprised of faculty and staff from across multiple disciplines.