Slovak (SL)

Associate Professor: G. Sabo, S.J.

The program in Slovak is offered by the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures. Its study helps acquaint students with a recently sovereign and democratic nation, one of the newest members of the European Union. Beginning Slovak develops novice levels in reading, understanding, writing, and speaking Slovak. IC 230 and 231 enable students to read in English classic Slovak short fiction written since 1800 in the context of two other Slavic literatures—Russian and Czech.

While offering a way to fulfill the Core Curriculum’s language requirement, Slovak—the most geographically central Slavic language—also facilitates communicating with others in Central and Eastern Europe. Moreover, Slovak, like English an Indo-European language, shares more vocabulary with it than is generally realized.

Finally, courses in the Slovak language fulfill the University’s institutional academic learning outcomes, since students will be expected to communicate skillfully in multiple forms of expression, and act competently in a global and diverse world.