Marketing (MK)

Professors: M.D. Johnson (President), A. R. Miciak (Dean); Associate Professors: T. M. Facca-Miess, T.M. Wu; Assistant Professors: R.A. Arias, B. Yin

The marketing program focuses on global, analytical, and innovative marketing leadership. Following the Jesuit tradition of the University, we emphasize throughout our program how to engage in marketing activities that a) respect the dignity of the human person and b) are directed by a sense of justice for the greater good. The marketing faculty is committed to the development of each student as a knowledgeable, ethical, and confident graduate, prepared for leadership through excellence in his or her educational experience.

Marketers create value for consumers. They do this by working collaboratively with consumers to determine their needs, creatively designing products and services that can satisfy those needs, identifying the most effective channel for delivering the products and services to buyers, pricing those offerings to provide a value-driven experience, and communicating with buyers about the value of those products and services. Marketers design and manage this process in a way that returns value to the organization. In our program, the activities of marketers are taught throughout the four required marketing courses (Applied Consumer Insights, Customer Engagement Strategies & Tactics, Market Analysis and Strategic Value Co-Creation), and students can learn in-depth about specific marketing activities in their four electives.

Increasingly, buyers are located all over the world, which means that a global perspective in marketing is an absolute must. In addition, this global perspective represents myriad opportunities for our students to use their marketing skills for addressing social challenges for the greater good on a global stage. Students learn the fundamentals of a global perspective in each of the required courses. Students interested in a career that includes global aspects of marketing should take Multinational Marketing and Microenterprise Development in Honduras as two of their electives. A study abroad experience is strongly recommended for students interested in an emphasis on global marketing. Students interested in these exciting career opportunities may also want to minor in a language or a global study area of international culture.

Innovation will drive new business creation and economic development in the future. Marketing is at the forefront of innovation, and our students can learn about innovation in order to acquire the skill sets necessary for taking a leading role in fostering innovation in an organization or starting their own new venture. Fundamentals of innovation are taught in each of the four required classes in the marketing major. Students interested in careers that include innovation processes should take the Innovation class, the Advanced Data-Driven Decision Making class, and the Microenterprise Development class as three of their electives. Students interested in these career opportunities may also want to minor in entrepreneurship.

One of the biggest changes in the field of marketing is the availability of massive amounts of data that can be used to drive marketing decisions. Expertise in marketing analytics is highly valued and sought after by employers. All marketing students take the Market Analysis class that stresses the analysis of market research data for developing marketing strategy. Students interested in a career that emphasizes analytics should also take Digital Marketing Analytics, Advanced Data-Driven Decision-Making, and the Digital Marketing Competition course as three of their electives. Students pursuing this career path may also want to minor in statistics or data science.

Marketing has evolved to emphasize the engagement of customers through the use of digital marketing tools. All students in our program take courses on Applied Consumer Insights, Customer Engagement and Strategic Value Co-Creation, all of which emphasize customer engagement in a digital world. Students interested in a career in digital marketing can also take Digital Marketing Analytics, Visual Communication in Digital Marketing, and the Digital Marketing Competition course as three of their electives.

A wide range of exciting careers are included in the field of marketing:

  • For students interested in the global side of marketing, careers may include international market development, digital content management, sales in business markets, product and brand management, international marketing research, non-profit and social marketing, and international market analysis.
  • For students interested in the innovation side of marketing, careers may include new product/innovation management, social innovation, social entrepreneurship, traditional entrepreneurship, product and brand management, digital marketing, marketing research, marketing analytics, customer engagement, and promotion management.
  • For students interested in the analytics side of marketing, careers may include digital analytics, marketing analytics, business analytics, marketing research, and account management (sales) for agencies.
  • For students interested in the digital side of marketing, there are countless opportunities to work in content management, digital analytics, website design and management, non-profit and social marketing, customer engagement, and promotion management.

These career areas represent abundant opportunities in marketing that are rapidly growing in numbers. Most of them are paths to executive levels of management in organizations.