Arrupe Scholars Program

The Arrupe Scholars Program is a mission-based scholarship and learning opportunity tailored to creating leaders for social action. Rooted in the wisdom of our 450-year-old Jesuit heritage, this program aims to produce graduates who are both trained in the academic study of inequality and committed to using their knowledge and abilities for the promotion of justice. In this way, it represents the University’s fundamental commitment to graduating men and women “with and for others.”

Academic Requirements

Arrupe Scholars take a series of courses together over their four years at John Carroll. These courses provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to become effective advocates for positive social change in our world. Courses are taken in sequential order, with the other members of the student’s class cohort. The Arrupe curriculum culminates in a capstone project that requires students to develop and implement an advocacy project of their choice.

In total, Arrupe students take 17 academic credits with the members of their class cohort. During the freshman and sophomore years, 9 of the credits that Arrupe students take together count towards their University Core requirements. The 9 credits that students take during their sophomore, junior, and senior years can count towards a minor in Peace, Justice and Human Rights (should the student be interested in that course plan; a PJHR minor is not required). Other students may wish to petition for these courses to count towards another major or minor at John Carroll, such as Population and Public Health or Entrepreneurship. This option requires the student to meet the expectations of both academic units. Interested students should plan this course of action in advance of the junior year with their academic advisor and department chair, as well as the director of the Arrupe Scholars Program.

Students whose schedules are subject to considerable outside restrictions should also consult with the director of the Arrupe Scholars Program. Individual student needs may be accommodated through an independent study course or through a limited number of course substitutions. These options will not be made available for trivial or avoidable reasons.

Co-Curricular Requirements

In addition to taking academic credits with the members of their class cohort, Arrupe students participate in a robust co-curriculum. This series of annual events brings students from all class cohorts together to work as one larger student body. The purpose of the program’s co-curriculum is to give students a variety of opportunities to develop strong pre-professional skills over the course of their time at John Carroll. The Arrupe Scholars’ co-curriculum focuses on community-based engagement initiatives and thus exemplifies the University’s fundamental commitment to graduating men and women “with and for others.”

To facilitate our annual calendar of events, every student is required to sit on at least one of the program’s many committees. Participation in committee work requires students to plan, implement, and develop one major event or program initiative. Committees are student-run and headed by a student chair. Together the chairs comprise the Arrupe Program’s student leadership team.

Program Learning Goals in the Arrupe Scholars Program.

Students will:

  1. Develop their intellectual curiosity.
  2. Be reflective learners.
  3. Demonstrate a commitment to social action grounded in sustained engagement with people facing injustice.
  4. Apply their knowledge and abilities to advocate for positive social change.


Required Courses

Selected CORE course rotated annually. Introduction to Social Justice 3 cr. (Fall, Sophomore Year).







CO 125





AR 150A Fall, Freshman Year

AR 150B Spring, Freshman Year

EN 125 Fall, Freshman Year

CO 125 Spring, Freshman Year

PJHR 350 Fall, Junior Year

PJHR 450 Fall, Senior Year

CORE course: NOTE: Students will be informed of the course number during their Freshman year. This class with either be an ISJ, TRS, or PL Course that counts for core credit