Credit Evaluation

The University offers students two ways to receive transfer credits towards the John Carroll degree. Prior to matriculation, students may earn college credits through exams administered by major testing programs or by course work taken at accredited institutions of higher education or their foreign equivalents. Initial determination of credit transferability occurs at the time of evaluation for admission. All requests for transfer of credits earned prior to matriculation must be submitted by the end of the second semester after matriculation. To ensure transferability of credits after matriculation, students must have an approved petition in advance of taking courses through University-approved study abroad programs or at other regionally accredited institutions. Transcripts must be sent directly to the University registrar.

Courses proposed for transfer credit must be completed with a C or higher (not Pass/Fail, unless it can be determined that the passing mark is equivalent to a C or higher). Course work taken at another regionally accredited academic institution or a foreign equivalent may be awarded credit towards a John Carroll degree. Courses are reviewed by department chairs, program directors, and academic deans using the following criteria:

  • Acceptability: course work acknowledged by the University as having met standards for evaluation and award of undergraduate transfer credit, independent of delivery method.
  • Comparability: the course work is comparable in content, expectations, and credit hours to courses offered at John Carroll.
  • Applicability: the course work is deemed appropriate for use within a degree program to fulfill specific requirements.

(These definitions will also appear in the Bulletin’s glossary.)

Some restrictions apply. Qualitatively, credits from other schools must be within one credit hour of comparable work at John Carroll. Quality points and grades are not transferred, only credits. At least 50% of the credits for the degree must be earned at John Carroll or through an approved dual-degree or study-abroad program. At least 50% of the credits for the major must be earned at John Carroll or through an approved dual-degree or study-abroad program.

Credit will be given for courses completed under the auspices of the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), providing they are equivalent to those offered by John Carroll University. Credit may also be given for military training as indicated by the American Council on Education (ACE) credit recommendations for training courses.