Withdrawal Regulations

Students are considered in attendance until they have completed all prescribed withdrawal procedures.

Students must carry out proper withdrawal procedures personally in Rodman Hall, Room 205/206. Withdrawals during the first week of class leave no indication of the course on the student’s transcript. For withdrawals between the 2nd and 12th week of a regular semester, a W appears on the transcript; this is the time of “withdrawal without prejudice.” No withdrawals are permitted after the 12th week. Students withdrawing at any time without following proper procedures automatically receive a WF, which is considered a failing grade and is computed in the cumulative average. Final dates for the above periods are indicated in the academic calendar. Students who intend to completely withdraw from the University must notify the assistant dean in the College of Arts and Sciences or the Boler College of Business.

First-year students who wish to withdraw from a course, including the first week of classes, must first consult with their advisor. If the advisor is not available, students must consult with the first-year assistant dean of the College of Arts and Sciences before dropping. A first-year student must use a signed APR form to drop a course.

When a student decides to discontinue enrollment at John Carroll University, a formal notice must be given to Student Enrollment and Financial Services. The student may choose to initiate a withdrawal from all courses with no intent to return (“Permanent Withdrawal”) or withdrawal with the intent to return (“Leave of Absence”). A withdrawal initiated by a student can be superseded by appropriate University action in the event of disciplinary action, academic dismissal or suspension. A Leave of Absence will not delay program expiration dates.

Please visit the following link for additional information on the Permanent Withdrawal and Leave of Absence Policy and for the appropriate forms: http://sites.jcu.edu/registrar/withdrawal/.