Registration is carried out as part of the orientation program for first-year and transfer students. For students currently attending John Carroll, early registration for the following semester begins approximately six weeks prior to the close of the fall and spring semesters.

Students may not register late (i.e., once the term has started) without permission from the appropriate academic dean, department chair, and instructor, and then only for serious reasons.

Registration Changes. Changes in enrollment or registration after initial registration for classes will be permitted only through the formal procedure prescribed by the Office of the Registrar. This applies to courses added, dropped, or changed. No courses may be added after the first week of class without the permission of the appropriate academic dean, department chair, and instructor. Students should be aware of possible aid implications when making changes in registration, and consult the Office of Student Enrollment and Financial Services as necessary.

Withdrawal from a course or change from credit to audit status may be made up to a date specified each semester by the Registrar’s Office. Change of registration status will not be permitted during the last two weeks of class. First-year students should note the special provisions under “Withdrawal Regulations.”