Academic Probation

Academic Probation is the status of any student whose cumulative average falls below these standards:

0-12 earned hours 1.75 25-47 earned hours 1.90
13-24 earned hours 1.80 after 48 earned hours 2.00

Probation is imposed by the University at the end of any semester in which the cumulative average is below these standards and continues for at least one semester until the required average is earned. Students on probation are subject to the following restrictions:

  1. They may not register for a course load greater than they carried during the semester immediately preceding notice of probation. Normally registration is limited to 12-13 semester hours; in no case may a student on probation register for more than 15 semester hours.
  2. Student athletes are not permitted to travel with varsity teams for competition, though they may be on the bench in street clothes for home contests. In order to practice while on probation, a student may initiate a “Permission to Practice Procedure,” which involves having discussions with, and obtaining signatures from, the coach, Director of Athletics, Faculty Athletics Representative, and Associate Dean for Academic Advising (or designee) and which must be processed by the designee in the Office of the Registrar. If the student chooses to continue to practice with the team, a season of participation will be charged to their eligibility. Travel is not restricted if outside the FALL/SPRING academic calendar year and approval by coach/athletic administrator is required.
  3. They may not pledge a fraternity or sorority, or hold any elective or appointive office on campus.